Saturday, February 24, 2007

The gift in your heart: " Hope "

In our everyday life, we tend to face challenges of different kinds. Some are harsh, some are easy to tackle. No matter what challenge shines on me, the question that I raise to myself always is, who's my only true, existent hope that I know if I refer to & believe in, will never leave me hopeless?......

Hope is our desire for something to happen, while expecting or being confident that it ill come true. My view shows me that in order for me to always retrieve something confidently, I will have to look onto a source who has the power to allow anything to happen. This source should be able to allow the impossibles turn into possibles when there is evidence to the contrary.

Whenever a problem occurs to us throughout our life-time, we tend to be impatient about it being solved and getting rid of this misery that could cause us enter in many dilemmas and confusion. Who doesn't like to live happily without having any issues rolling through one's head?!
The level which diffrentiates the people who are able to solve this misery from the people who are impatient and tend to give up easily is simply a matter of "Hope".

Solving a problem doesn't only stop at being hopefull, but it stops at which source are you seeking "Hope" from. Could it be from another human who has limited abilities and cant guarratee you'll be getting what you were aiming for? Naturally, no matter how big the problem is, or how small it can become, your One & Only hope is above the heavens & the skies watching upon you every single second. He sees how much of him do you remember, and how many times do you refer to him.... When all tunnels show you a dark dead end to a problem, always let that hope in your heart come out because that hope ALWAYS remains shining at the end of the tunnel facing the skies.

We were all born with this hope embedded in ourselves. The true challenge is who can make use of this hope to lead him confidently against obstacles in life.

I Quote Stallone from Rocky Balboa saying: " Its not about how easy you could face the challenges in life, but it's how hard life hits you, and how long you keep standing on your feet everytime you get hit".

That's an important teaching coming from a simple human-being who is simply like myself & everyone else. Does this achieve full confidence in yourself? Does this guarrantee you will be stronger in life? It could boost your self-esteem for a while but it's not going to last long, bcoz these words are of certain powers that lasts till a certain phase until it perishes away and is replaced with new words by someone else.

Look on the other hand, the true hope that lies inside you gifted by your sole creator, Allah. The words of Allah, are certainly never to be replaced by any other words ever. I quote Allah (SWT) Saying: "64:11. Nothing happens to you except in accordance with GOD's will. Anyone who believes in GOD, He will guide his heart. GOD is fully aware of all things."

He who is a true believer in Allah would naturally recognize that nothing happens without God's will. So if there's anything you want from this life, it's him and only him that you should refer to.

Last but not least, I sum this up with a final quote from the Quran. Allah (SWT) says: "When my servants ask you concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them). I listen to the prayer of every supplicant when he calls on Me. . ." [Baqarah:186]

Ask him.... He will never let you down, on the condition that you believe in him and submit to him.

May I remain from those believers who will always refer, in good/bad times, to the lord of creations, the One and Only, Allah. Amin.

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Sam Abdul Rahim Foroutani


Loushi... said...

a very inspiring post Samsoom..
mashallah i just love the way u write and how u can let a person finish readn ur posts..

Allah is the ONE and ONLY who whn we go back 2 and whn ask help from will NEVER let us down..

i agree on everythn that uve said..

Take Care..

Samsoom =) said...

loushi>: Glad you agree :)

Take care!

tamtam said...

hey Samsoom
it's all true about hope.. it is the thing that keeps me going most of the time..
besides my faith..

Although sometimes I feel like im hanging by a thread.. but staying hopeful keeps me alive I must say.

good job!

Isra said...

You are right that is one of my favorite quotes from sorat al baqarah "وإذا سألك عبادي عني فإني قريبٌ أجيب دعوة الداع إذا دعان"