Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Empire

This is a non-fiction story on how Samsoom's Empire began ---progressed--- grew to become what it is presently.

It all started with the creation of a Blood clot in the womb. There I was, born on Dec 9th, 1984 with Iranian/Lebanese Nationality at Dubai Hospital located in the United Arab Emirates. My journey began into this life with the submission of faith to our creator(Allah).

I was brought up by two lovely parents who showed complete care & devotion into raising me with best manners, best behaviour, biggest heart to love and forgive, best education, best success, and strongest committment to a beautiful religion known as Islam.

I began my life right from Kindergarden where I attended a French Nursery in Jumeirah for a few years. Knowing how shy I am, my mother suffered quite a bit to get me into the school without having to run outside the main entrance a few times! ;) Fun times! I recall that I used fall a lot and broke my middle finger several times for running away! haha, guess it was my punishment for not listening to my mother :) Anyhow, I was a good boy in class, and the Nursery Owner loved my potentials to learn the French Language and get along with the other kids. cUTe DaYz! :)

Here's a picture of Samsoom :)

Image Hosted by

It was then time for me to begin High School. Ive earned my Highschool education at Al Mawakeb School, Dubai. I spent all my 12 years learning at that school where I came accross a lot of amazing friends who I've grew up with till this very moment. Guys, if you're reading this, you know its you guys that im talking about ;) Fdeitkom! =)

By June 2001, the 12 years were complete, having earned 12 years of education, my Highschool career came to an end. The day I waited for during those years finally appears in the picture :)

Image Hosted by

It was then time for me to carry on to a higher level of education by enrolling at The American University in Dubai to pursue a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. I spent 4 years learning about computers and information systems. At the sametime, I went through a lot of Ups and Downs in my personal life. But thanks God 1st and 2nd to my parents, I managed to succeed and reach the end of these 4 years with success and achieve what seems to be shown in the picture :)

Image Hosted by

Was my educational success all over by that time? Nahhh! it was time to move on to an even higher level, but this time it was at a different location. With the help of an Istekhara, guidance from my parents and support from my friends, I decided to carry on to earn a Masters Degree. I applied to Royal Holloway, University of London and got accepted. This was just the beginning of a journey that taught me a lot about independancy and the true meaning of living life on your own.

I pursued my Masters Degree in MSC Information Security. Recalling at the fact that I was into computers and technology, i decided to carry on within the same field, except this time from a different perspective.... Yes... Security! ;) Hackers? Here I come!!!

It was the first time I lived abroad without having my family by my side. I managed to find a lot of difficulties the first couple of months as the "HomeSick" feeling began to kick in.... Nevertheless, I thank God for responding to all my prayers of making me stronger and make me believe that i was destined to face challenges during life only to make myself stronger. The case was true :) I did become much stronger and carried on with the degree! Al Hamdillah I have succeeded, made my parents very proud of me, at the same time earned my respect in the business world.

It was finally time to come back HOME SWEET HOME to Dubai where I believed my future will carry on from here rather than remaining in London. It was time for my Working Career to begin establishing slowly towards setting my goals that I aim high to achieve with time inshALLAH! :) I began working close by my Father(may God protect him) in the family business which involves The World of Hand-Made Iranian Carpets (FARCO Establishment).
- Largest Hand-Made Carpet Showroom in the UAE
- Owned the Worlds Largest Hand-Made Carpets in 1997, 2001, 2003.
- Guiness Book of Records holder for Largest Hand-Made Carpet in the World.

Image Hosted by

Although you might be thinking huh? computers? carpets? two different worlds... Indeed you are obviously correct. But what I did exactly was I returned my father's favor with total respect to his wants by helping him out in the business knowing that I will have to be taking over the company in the future inshAllah. At the sametime, I surely didnt put an end to my field of study, where i managed to find an amazing job at SCANIT (The Security Company)
- Security Services for Telecom, Oil/Gas, Airline, Banking Sectors.
- Protection of the entire Middle East Region against illegitimate Hackers & Crackers.

Image Hosted by

So now, working with 2 jobs, 6 days a week, it can sometimes become very hectic :) But my advice to whoever is reading this.... If you dont put your efforts and keep trying, you will never succeed in the future. Work hard to achieve your goals. Commit to all your duties for religion, seek help from Allah, and seek support from family & friends. This way, you will be on your way to the top of the peak inshAllah.

To conclude... there really is no conclusion to My Empire as long as im still alive (hamdillah)... I just thank all the people who supported me and thank God for allowing all this to happen... May i reach my goals successfully, and may I use my powers to spread the kheir(good-will) accross this world, save the poor, raise a family, make my parents proud and last but not least most importantly earn ridha Rabbi :) Amin.

One day..... One day....... One day....... InshAllah.....

Sam Abdul Rahim Foroutani.


Haitham said...

Mashalla.. very nice story...I ask ALLAH to help you in your life all the time...
your brother

Samsoom =) said...

Thanks HK! InshAllah el jamee3 :)


The Mo said...


Although I know you very well, however, the story was nicely written and really touched me from the inside.

الله يوفقك لما يحب و يرضاه
الله يرزقك من الخير كله

Take care

Keep it up


Samsoom =) said...

The MO, Habeeeb, thanks a lot for your comments :) Appreciate it.

My comments on ur blog will come s00n dont worry =P haha

Peace Bro! :)

a said...

Great Website! Although we know each other a very long time, but I never had the chance to see you as much as I thats why I never got to know you well. That story was really well written and I enjoyed reading it and I wish you the best.....

Inshallah hamishe mowafagh bashi

from Germany

Samsoom =) said...

Desiree! What a surprise!:)Thanks a lot for your warm wishes! InshAllah ke mibinamet dar mostaqbal in Germany :)

Tc and Regards to Family. :)

Basil K. said...

Nice intro to ur Blog samsoom... InshAllah all the best and waiting to c more posts in ur blog...

Angelina said...

Its not been too long that you joined Scanit, but I can assure... you will never regret for all the double shift you doing rite now.

I have to say this........ you looked so cute when you were a kid..... and the first time you walked in Scanit I was zapped looking at your height :)

I'm sure your parents are blessed having you and hope you keep up the good spirit and the good work.

All the best!!!!


Samsoom =) said...

Basil >: THanks man! Ur photo Blog is amazing!

Keep up the good work! :)

Samsoom =) said...

Angelina>: THanks a lot for your wishes & comments ;) I wish you the same success in your life! :)

All the best!!!!

Loushi... said...

Heeeeeeey Saaaam BOMBOM!!

This for sure one of the best amazin stories ive ever read..

ur an amazin person and ive never seen anyone like u.. may all ur dreams come true.. o mashallah your parents have raised you well my dear friend..

ur post was very well written.. and i can feel that it was from ur heart..what u wrote simply tells the reader about who sam really is "without the after 12 personality.." =P!!

i just love how u look into things and always want 2 please God and ur parents my dear friend.. ur mashallah a very respectful person.. and am lucky that u consider me as ur friend=)

May u always stay on this path.. and may all ur wishes come true.. and ur doin mashallah an awesome work on both of ur jobs.. what u wrote shows me and everyone else how mature u are..

See ya..
take care

Samsoom =) said...

Loushi>: Thank you may be too little, but really thanks a DOZ! you ROCK! =P

I appreciate all ur wishes and comments... inshAllah my life will lead on having your lovely inspirations boosting my potentials always =P

Take Care
Your Friend,

tiya said...

I know im supposed to write alot BUT u know how i am with words so the less the better ..

I LOVE ur blog and InshAllah all the hard work ur doing will lead to succesfull future with u DREAM WIFE! lol

P.S King Kong couldn't get the beautiful girl at the end of the movie BUT knowing you and how unique you are im sure InshAllah you will find yours :) (and NOT IN SRI LANKA) lol

Luv u Wayed

Samsoom =) said...

Tiya>: you put a HUGE smile on my face :) You're sooo hilarious! hehe

Thanks wayed wayed for ur comments and wishes!

LOL @ Sri Lanka!!

Thanks for all the support Barney!

Luv ya back!
KinG KonG :)

Sadia said...

After reading your blog, I couldn't be any more grateful to have you as a friend. Your blog was an inspiration, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your experiences with us.

May Allah (SWT) bless you with many more!! =)

Samsoom =) said...

sadia>: Sadiaaaa!! thanks a lot for ur wishes and comments! inshAllah all the best and the same goes on with ur life....

Take good care :)

Ramroom said...

Very Cool =)
God Bless

Samsoom =) said...

rima>: thanks a doz! :)

Alice said...


I'm surprised that you decided to write a whole autobiography. I was kind of cringing with some of the things you said like "started as a bloodclot" etc.. Sam! u didnt have to be that detaileD!

anyways, we should definately hang out more often, I heard that u met up with fayqa and the gang, hehe..nice!

I leave u with a song "Sam sam bo bam banana fana fo Fam fi ya mo Mam, Sam!!"

yes yes, i know you adore me! khalas, take care. bye -Al*

Samsoom =) said...

Alice>: YOOOOOOO!! Thanks a lot for ur comments! sorry that some parts CRINGED you! haha whatever that means!

Thanks for the song =P

See ya sooooon BOZO!

Alice said...

Dearest Sam,

The word "cringe" according to the Oxford dictionary blah blah ... haha..kiddin...according to means:

1. draw back, as with fear or pain; "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"

Or in Basic IT terms since we're all IT people, it is best described to be a facial expressioni like (>.<) this!!

So there, u get what iam saying?


Sara said...

Alice gave me this link
I had no idea it was you until i saw the pics..
Love your story mashAllah.. proves us AUDians have a chance :)

I cant believe you went to Royal Halloway though...I was there for a few weeks for that arsenal soccer thing they have.. talk about small world

Now that your back in Dubai we have to see more of you...the whole AUD gang should get back together and play basketball again

Yalla take care of yourself

Samsoom =) said...

Alice>: Bozo, no comments, but thanks for the definition =P lol

Samsoom =) said...

Sara>: Yooo!!! been ages girl!... no wayy!! u were at RHUL!! amazing place yea? ;) The castle says it all! =P Not AUD's buildings =P haha

Nice to hear from you after so long! inshAllah hope to get together with you and alice sometime soon in the future!

Best wishes!

thani said...

ana a'3aaar mn kel hathaila :'(

e9araaa7aaa excelent website,, 9aa7 its simple bas i know that every single word written is 100% true and this is something unique.,.
every other site is full of .,.,.,.,.,., u know what


Samsoom =) said...

thani>: fdeit roo7ak :)

Danah said...

ok take two!
i like how u refer to God in all ur steps... it shows how big of a believer u are! as well as a succesful person.. hope u reach even higher goals in ur future.. u deserve it!
Danah :D oh n keep smiling!

Samsoom =) said...

Dana>: Merciiiii for ur comments, i wish you the same and hope u reach ur goals with ease :)

Study well, NERD :P lol

Samzzzzzz =)

Rima El Assi said...

ok so .. u are sitting right next 2 me.. bas i thought of writing it here.. =)! I am very glad because my sister met u .. and that u are getting engaged to her in less than a monthh.. never thought that there is someone that perfect for herrrrr! =)
yalla ! peace out hehe ! mwaaa <3

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