Monday, February 19, 2007

Trust? You Decide!

Trust?..... Who to Trust?...... When to Trust?..... How to Trust?..... all these questions raise controversial issues revolving around the centerpoint of "Trust".

Thinking about Trust, already, we put a lot of trust in people we dont even know. For example, we are trusting, when we drive down the road, the person in the next lane wont swerve into us. We also trust that the grocery store where we buy our food, is selling us healthy safe food. We even trust that when we walk down the street, no one will come up with an axe and chop us apart! lol :) We put our lives in the hands of bus and taxi drivers, pilots, doctors, butchers, and just about every time we step outside our homes, we are putting a certain amount of trust in someone else.

Maybe you are thinking, that you dont trust anyone, but, if you didnt trust anyone, then you would probably never ever leave your home right :) Well guess what? Even in your home, you are still trusting that the construction company builder has built you a safe long-lasting place to live in.

Coming to a message, from these examples, is that we all trust other people to a certain extent. Above all we trust Allah because he was, is and will always be our sole creator and our Lord who gave us this existence on earth.

Sometimes, you should think about how to start the journey of trusting yourself before you can actually trust others. People have done mistakes in their lives, and nobody is close to perfection.

My Advice, no matter what, always have Trust in your parents, they are the sole people on this planet that always want the best for their children.

Trust Allah, Trust Urself, Trust Ur Parents....... Live Life with a Smile without any worries :)


Loushi... said...

u just proved that the people who say that they trust no one are just livin in denial !! lol
such an interestn post..

for a person like me i tend to trust people very easy and pretty fast.. I just like it that people know me better.. I don’t know how would this matter…
Allah and our parents are the ones who will never let us down..

What u said about trustin the people outside of the house and the person who built the house w live in is just very true.. I never thought of it this way..
Ur post is an eye-opening one..

See u Samsoom..

Samsoom =) said...

loushi>: im glad it openned ways for you to look at this issue from a perspective that not a lot of people seem to be paying attetion to :)

The Mo said...

Sam nice post as usual :)

Trust is a hard word to implement in real life.
However, when it comes to the creator, it is as easy as saying it.
Moreover, as you said, parents are out of the question.


Samsoom =) said...

THE MO>: Thank you for your moral perspective on this important issue :)

slyam said...

Thanks for sharing your experience

Samsoom =) said...

slyam>: Ur welcome :)