Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Security Advisor Middle East

How many users know how secure are their information systems from possible cyber-attacks?

With technology evolving steps forward into the future, more devices are being manufactured to reach the flexibility of the end users. Information Systems provide end-users the ease to browse through their daily interests, conduct their businesses and simply add value to their knowledge knowing what a huge library the internet represents.

With all the benefits users are taking advantage off, other users tend to generate malicious intentions to cause destruction to different targets. These targets varry from a huge Multi-National Firm, down to a single user.

The moral behind this post is to educate people about Security awareness and its importance. It is important to know your systems very well, and not only to simply "Think" you're secure, but to also put security into practice by making attempts to breach your own systems to test whether your security features are in place.

The key to all the security emphasis remains in the hands of the users themselves. Whether they were regular home-users or security professionals, the need to approach a safe environment for internet users must be intact. Regular users must not totally depend on security experts to solve their problems, however small breaches made by many people turn out to be a reason of not giving much attention and simply lack of awareness.

Hackers and Crackers are everywhere and regular internet users are either not aware of their existence or are aware of them but in both cases don’t give much consideration. What my aim is pointing at clearly is the problem of both “Awareness” and raising the issue to alert people how important “Awareness” means and what significant changes could be done if they only had knew about security measures.

The big problem is, nobody is willing to dedicate belief into implementing the right security features UNTIL disaster strikes. That's when the feeling of regret kicks in and they finally tend to learn from their mistakes, but not all of them do. In Fact, the biggest threat to security is the human-being himself.

Finally, before you actually think of how strongly these tools you have installed are protecting you, it might be good idea to think of how aware are you of what malicious activities hackers could conduct to cause your network damage, steal your credentials, bring down your website, simply causing an inconvenience that's going to make you think "ONLY IF i knew about how important investing into security was, I wouldnt have suffered such loss or damage".

There is no 100% Security, but God gave us brains to gain knowledge and get educated. So educate yourself first, then think if it's really worth passing it onto others. Remember, with Security Awareness, you're always contributing to a safe, hacker-free, environment for all users to enjoy the use of technology and make use of its advantages of how it could simplify many things in our daily lives.

Recently I was interviewed by a lead Security Magazine "Security Advisor, Middle East" on the importance of educating the next generation users on how essential security becomes as technology evolves.

Here's a pic of both the Magazine, and the Interview.

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Sam Abdul Rahim Foroutani


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ok sam. That is a good one. You are famous now. Don't forgot about me.


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thanks for the info uve provided us with Sam =)...

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